West Vancouver & North Vancouver Real Estate June 2013

(July 03, 2013 )

I’m talking to alot of first-time buyers who are realizing the can get in the game. One client of mine is moving next door from their rental to their first condominium. They get to stay in the neighbourhood the love. Now they are owners. Smart.

Real Estate can be purchased as a “market investment” or simply because you need somewhere to live. Many of us have made a fair sum “accidentally” by buying “Vancouver” (Vancouver, North Vancouver & West Vancouver) real estate as a home.

Most Active SOLD Ranges
  • North Vancouver (within $100,000)... $ 700,000 to $ 800,000
  • West Vancouver (within $500,000)... $ 2.0 - 2.5 million
Number of SOLD Houses
  • Water View houses SOLD in North Vancouver & West Vancouver = 45
  • West Vancouver SOLD > $3.5 million = 7 houses
  • Highest price house.....$16,888,000 Altamont, West Vancouver

In the long term, the more Vancouver real estate you own, the better off you will be

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